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Babyhome Theme is designed specifically for infant product line as a one stop shop for your baby's needs.

If you don't want to spend your time installing the template, don't hesitate to order expert assistance.
The installation will be completed within 6 hours by our Service Center once the access details to your hosting server has been received.
Note: Service is valid for one website. Project starts once client provides complete details acceptable by production to avoid delays, not time of actual purchase.

According to the logo of the brand on your website,we can make some changes in the template you purchase,including web color, banner, and the basic information.
Please kindly noted that you must provide the host server information first.As a result you get a ready-to-go live website designed the way you want!

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Babyhome Theme


Babyhome Theme is so simple,friendly,designed specifically for infant product line as a one stop shop for your baby's needs. It comes with a beautifully crafted theme incorporating baby colors and playful banner block with images showcasing everything from infant clothes to toys.
The functions and modules been enabled include Star Products Series list, Save Product list,Recommend Product list,System Background offers uploading banner function.

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Technical Details

  1. Magento Compatibility: 1.6x-1.9.1
  2. Magento Engine: 1.6x
  3. Addition Feature: Star Products Series list, Save list, Recommend list,System Background offers uploading banner function
  4. Categories View: Grid
  5. Coding: CSS3,HTML5,JQuery,JS
  6. Currencies: USD,GBP,EUR
  7. Features: System Background offers uploading banner function,Recommend Product list
  8. Language support: English,Spanish,Russian,German
  9. Width: 1200px

Troubleshooting & Support

  1. I'm getting 404 not found whentrying to open theme admin pages. Log outfrom Magentoadmin panel, clear the store cache under var/cache, and log in again.
  2. After the extension installation the store gives an error, or blank page. Log outfrom Magentoadmin panel. Change the owner of the extracted extension files to the webserver user and set 775 permissions on them. Clear the store cache and try again.
  3. Myconfiguration changes do not appear on the frontend. Clear the store cache under var/cache, clear all browser cookies for your store domain and refresh the page in your browser.
  4. If you have any question/issue you can contact us at



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